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    ~~~Strength Of Simplicity~~~ Empty ~~~Strength Of Simplicity~~~

    Post by The Phoenix on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:01 am

    Aahhh Time, the ebb and flow of perpetual motion . It has been a while since I have written , much time has been spent in reflection and contemplation. A friend of mine is has often stated that life is not that complex, we , ourselves just seem to make it so....

    Actually we should play the "hand " we are dealt, and do so, with grace, finesse , restore our fundamental belief in spirituality. We have become dependent on a GPS to navigate our life course. Is this due to a lack of faith ,laziness ,or self respect ? Points that I am currently pondering, presently......

    I do believe that we should cut a path clear and straight the heart and soul of the matter at hand.....which is ourselves......Whom -We-Knoweth-Not ! We place blame and discord everywhere... But....where IT truly belongs......within us. This concept is more acceptable , blame your friends, family, God, Buddha, Allah, Virgin Mary.......the choice is yours.....just so long as you do not have to carry the burden yourself......!

    I question - HOW HARD is it to be kind, sincere, honest and forth right ?? Evidently it must be quite hard for the masses......and this state of existence has deteriorated to the point .....that we have lost the ability to recognize random acts of kindness ? We have a moral responsibility to our selves and behave perhaps with a bit more conviction and appreciation of life , in general. My friend is right.....Simplicity is the key a door we have long shut. We over analyze , scrutinize and speculate each other.....while missing the opportunity every day to make a small, but perhaps significant difference in someone else's life. Choose to live with dignity and is Not that hard...
    The choice is yours....think about it.....and maybe throw out the GPS..... Simplify..........

    Yours in the fire....
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