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    Post by The Phoenix on Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:53 am

    I had made my mind up that I would not write again until I could write something of a positive nature. Well, I am sad to say that this has not occurred yet. As October 13 approaches my heart grows heavier , a simple reminder of what I , and the world has lost.

    I am bombarded with news, the unsettling kind...sadness, despair, and a utter sense of hopelessness. I wish that I could somehow relieve the anguish and hurt of those so afflicted....after all , it is my Red Thread . Thus is not the case....try though I may, my light is not strong enough to penetrate the veil of darkness. Which leads me to my current topic.....loss of faith, loss of self.

    I have a friend whom is suffering greatly, his mother is terminal...4-7 months to live. She is his lighthouse, port in the storm. There is nothing but anger, hurt and denial within him. I tried so hard to enlighten him, but anger is far too prevalent. He has renounced God, and says prayer is futile. He by his own hand has condemned himself to a Hell of his own creation, only by the grace of God and enormous strength can he possibly break free.

    I happen to resent those comments greatly.....having lost someone that I loved so dearly, not to mention SO SUDDENLY......He has a chance that I did not. God has given him the gift of time.....the chance to open his heart and spirit, to love as he never has before.....and yet he squanders it. This is the time to say what's within your heart, the time to stand -up and give strength to the one who is suffering, allow them to pass beyond our present barriers with a degree of peace .

    To question whether or not there is a Heaven or Hell, tis simple enough....look around you....
    I CHOOSE to believe that there most certainly IS a Heaven and my beloved Grandfather resides there. He was a good man, better than most, steadfast and devout in his beliefs. His death was traumatic and sudden......yet another wake-up call from the great Divine......AND GOD most certainly got my attention. Am I to believe that there is nothing beyond...? That my grandfathers life meant nothing? NO....NO.....NO...! While I do admit there are many within my family that still have not gotten the message....I always pray that someday perhaps they will.

    The one thing that gives me hope is my spirituality, while I am infantile in my comprehension, it is resides and beats within my own heart. How selfish does one have to be, to deny peace,love and reassurnace in the face of death? While anger is a componet of the grieving process, one must be careful or it can consume the significance and overshadow the lesson to be learned. There is always a lesson to life...listen and watch for the signs... for they are everywhere. It is similar in nature to a form of magic....our actions and choices equate to consequences.....everything in life is connected. Just like the song..."One Thing Leads To Another".

    We have the gift of time to make a difference in others lives....and rest assured the granules of time ARE a divine gift.. I urge one and all to not squander it. So what are you going to do.....? Carpe' Diem

    Yours In the Fires,
    The Phoenix

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    Post by Pegasus on Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:12 am

    Well said Phoenix...Time is fleeting at best and no one knows the hour of their death. All we have is this moment.

    "I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches." ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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